What’s on your mind Listening Posters?

The Listening Post wants to know what YOU want to hear on the radio. We’ve recently covered violence, Katrina, & dollar stores. We asked: What local topic should we cover next? What’s been on your mind lately about life in NOLA and why?


Here’s what you had to say

How about you guys cover St Anna’s Episcopal Church All Souls Day ceremony with the bones representing the murdered in the city and their Murder Wall? Always wanted to know about that.

Our biggest worry now is getting the Vote out and Nola has to Come out in Big Number’s to Vote llll Senate LA. BLUE VOTE IIII MARY NOT IIII SCARY

R u kidding Hi I would like to thank u 1st and foremost. What’ constantly worries me about this city is our children not having the right leader ship in what direction to go in I just think what will it be like to live near a world starting with this city the city of peace I believe it can happen if we can just look beyond the fault and see need of our children our future. Every where I look I c a grocery, Walmart Walgreens. CVS, banks churches, bar rooms night clubs. mmmmm. What about something for our beautiful children we have to invest in them, If we take time to really listen to them they r trying to get out a message even in a negative way .My dream to c when all God’s people get together here on earth preparing to go home Man what a time , In closing, All we need is LOVE for God so LOVED the world he gave us his only begotten son. A

Hey thanks for all the great stories. There are hardly any reproductive services here. How bout a story on first sex in New Orleans. How did I plan ahead? What services did I seek and what was it like ?  

How about crowd sourcing what blocks and streets have worst flooding problems and how has city responded to 311 calls re clogged drainage pipes etc.

How about the corruption in regards to building the holy cross school site. News paper articles clearly stated corruption on the part of Perez/ and or its supporters. No one , no one, who rebuilt historic homes in that remediate area wants an oversized ugly modern congested project on the lovely 1700/1800 style lay out of a property or old live oaks removed, not to mention it’s detriment to the fly way for raptors and migratory birds ! They presented bogus signatures on their fake petition, and had far less than the real ones against the project, as stated in articles( also I personally know this to be true) then the city council voted for it as again publicly stated in the articles simply because they wanted the other council member support in the future rather than voting for what was right, and voting against what the homeowners in the area wanted. That’s corruption too! How about women being targeted do traffic tickets because it’s a safe way to make quota? How about the corruption and excess surrounding traffic cameras. Like when the lights in front of the one on canal by st Anthony’s wasn’t working and it flashed on every single car that passed!!! My friend who I have been saying the grocery with for more than 15 years said she saw that and was appalled that they refused to rescind those tickets even after tirade the news she said” THAT’S STEALIN’ ” in her elderly new orlins accent. That was supposed to read sayin the Rosary.

Dating. Police influence/contribution to community. Festival life in NOLA. Education culture or lack thereof.

Prospect 3

How about crowd sourcing what blocks and streets have worst flooding problems and how has city responded to 311 calls re clogged drainage pipes etc. 

New Orleans economic planning

Why do people suck at driving in Louisiana, why is insurance here most in country

Lpfm stations in NOLA —

Demolition of blighted historic property. 

“Many gun crimes have gone unreported, partly because of fear or trauma police can do but take a report. Those reports on paper and that the reports on paper rarely do much good , especially not in this town.”

“Wetlands restoration”

“Presence of threats of physical punishment by teachers in inner-city schools, especially teachers using these threats because a parent has endorsed and given verbal permission for the school to beat the child for misbehavior, when not only should the school and teacher not be following through on these requests because it is illegal and unethical, but should be, as mandated reporters, be reporting suspected maltreatment by the parent to the Department of Children and Family Services”

“Educational inequality . I’ve been thinking a lot about how students aren’t getting equal access to quality education.”

“Ever-changing regulations on food trucks, ever-changing legislation on solar! Where are we headed?”

“Lack of police presence coupled with the uptick in crime”

“Lately been preoccupied with disinvestment in the RTA. Veolia takeover was supposed to be about more than a few new buses and a useless streetcar line”

“Wage and Income Inequality”


“Zoning change for Holy Cross done as deal behind closed doors”

“Talk about how the drug war and how the prohibition of drugs is not working. Our jails are filled with non violent drug offenders while their are major increases in unsolved burglaries and rapes. It’s time for some major changes”

“How Public Lab and other citizen science organizations are working to engage New Orleanians in coastal and environmental issues that are generally not covered in detail in other local media, how New Orleans remains vulnerable to land loss, with lack of context and understanding of its citizenry.”

“How about jobs? Is hospitality still the largest industry here and are young professionals still moving to Nola creating start-ups, etc? How are events here, like prospect 3, creating jobs? What happens with youth after getting training at places like Liberty’s kitchen, Cafe reconcile and NOCCA’s culinary program?”

“Different aspects of the Creole Culture”

“What is on my mind about NOLA where are the emergency alarm systems when the city is threatened by bad weather storms, tornado, flooding nine years after Katrina something should have changed by now sound the alarms so everyone get the message”

“Racial profiling & cops”

“What’s it gonna take to get a good superintendent to come to the OPSB? They’ve had an interim superintendent for almost 3 years”

“Mental health!”

“How is our city changing? What are the positives and the negatives of New Orleans’ recent transplants (post-Katrina folks who came to rebuild and the more recent young people) and their impact on the city?”

“Horrible street conditions. I’ve been in New Orleans for 2 years and have had to get 4 new tires and an alignment in those 2 years. ”

“The condition of our streets. It’s a bit ridiculous that they’re as bad as they are 9 years after Katrina. ”

“Ebola preparations in Nola - for obvious reasons. What are we doing as a city?”
“Are our hospitals prepared?”

Listening Post preview: dollar for your thoughts

How many dollar stores are are there in your neighborhood? 

There are about 100 in the greater New Orleans area, with parts of the city like New Orleans East seeing a steep increase over the past few years. 

This week the Listening Post looks at the rise of Dollar Stores in New Orleans, and what that means for the city. 

Listen tomorrow (Thursday) morning at 7:35 a.m. on 89.9 WWNO or stream live on wwno.org. 

I need a dollar, dollar, a dollar(store) is what I need

imageAs part of our Listening Post survey on economic shifts in the New Orleans area, we asked you to help document how many dollar stores there are in your community, and how you use them. Here’s what you said:

There are 2 in my neighborhood. I try to avoid them. I went there today because I needed a phone charger. I go about once every 8 months.

1. Never.

The one on broad st at bienville was built entirely by a Hispanic Crewe that was not from New Orleans, also there were no women on the crew either!!###!!###

Three in my neighborhood, one coming soon. I shop their very rarely, once or twice a year. I normally buy cleaning supplies like brushes and buckets or large Rubbermaid tubs for organization.

Too many

Not sure if there is one near me. I don’t shop there.

only one in close proximity. I work with a not for profit group and shop at dollar store a few times a year to get knickknack giveaways for the kids. sometimes they have off the wal crafts that are neat too.

Too many items at the $store don’t even cost 75 cents at save-a-lot.

7 dollar stores. Maybe 2-5 times a week. Groceries mostly and paper products sometimes. There isn’t many big grocery stores in my area of St. Bernard parish.

Just moved in July, there’s 2 I think. I’ve been to the Dollar General 2 times. Laundry soap one time, zip lock bags the next time.

There are a handful. I would only go there if I needed something for a Halloween/Mardi gras costume or some such.

3 stores: once a month: cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and paper towels.

Two I shop there at least three times a month. Household products and food items.

None in my neighborhood (Napoleon at Prytania). Don’t shop at the ones nearby on Claiborne.

Around 3 stores , i don’t buy to often, maybe 4 times in a year, I buy birthday cards , gifts bags and wrap paper.

One. There is one that opened on chef near my house. I go there to buy dry goods, which means I hardly ever go there.

I don’t know, and I don’t shop there!

Between Dowmonn rd.and Bullard, there are about 10-12 dollar store, s to to many, I only shop at tha real dollar store, dollar tree.

2 yes I shop get cleaning supplies and washing powder.

There are two dollars within my neighborhood. I shop about every other day. For personal and cleaning supplies, sometime for food items.

There are 2 in my neighborhood, just 2 blocks from each other. I go there maybe once a year, only if I’m waiting for the Broad bus & need to get out of the heat.

There aren’t any in my neighborhood. But I’ve stopped at one maybe 4 times in about 5 years looking for candy or stuff to augment my Mardi Gras costume. (I re-read that and kinda hate myself right now, but it’s the truth)

Too many.

3, no.

5 and counting dollar stores. I shop their about once a month. I usually buy greeting cards. :-)

4. Once. Bit o honeys and jolly ranchers.

There are a few nearby. I rarely shop there.

Question of the Week: How many dollar stores are in your neighborhood?


There are more than 80 dollar stores in the greater New Orleans Area. 

This week on the Listening Post we’re looking at shifting demographics in the city, and what that has to do with retail—specifically, dollar stores. What does it mean when three of them suddenly open up in your neighborhood? Who uses them? Why?

Our Questions of the Week are:

  • How many dollar stores are in your neighborhood? 
  • How often do you shop there?
  • What do you buy?
  • If you could get one store to open within walking distance of your house, what would you want? 

If you’d like to participate in this week’s Listening Post by answering our questions text the word “hello” to 504-224-5314.

And tune in to WWNO, 89.9 FM this Thursday at 7:35 a.m. to hear our segment! 

Listening Post Preview: How Do We Commemorate Hurricane Katrina?

Where are we 9 years after the storm? How do we memorialize the event? This week on the Listening Post we talk second lines and historical plaques and hear from YOU about how you think the city should mark next year’s 10th anniversary. Not to mention our very special guest…YA BOY WILD WAYNE!!!

Tune in to 89.9 FM tomorrow, Thursday, August 28 at 8:35 a.m. (*new time slot*) to hear the full segment or check wwno.org. 

Where are we 9 years after Katrina?

It’s bound to be the topic of discussion all next week: 9 years since Hurricane Katrina and where are we now?


Here’s one of our regulars at Norman Mayer Library sharing her thoughts (listen to our WWNO segment on Thursday morning to hear what she had to say).

And of course we sent out a text to the Listening Posters to find out what you think. We asked:

  • Has New Orleans recovered from Katrina?
  • What’s gotten better/worse?
  • How should the 10th anniversary be commemorated next year?

Here are some of the answers we’ve gotten so far:

Help the nineth ward

New Orleans still has a long long way to go! !!!


So much is better, all that creative juice powering start ups! Sadly now my husband & I can’t even afford a hovel in the hood. the folks that can afford to buy, raise the rents, try to close the Country Club, and bitch about loud music & second lines. I wish there were some kind of program to help out people who BADLY want to move back but have been priced out.”

Many improvements have been made to New Orleans, since Katrina, in that much of the city’s infrastructure has now been repaired, upgraded &/or replaced, as a result of the storm. necessary resources severely lacking & which is impeding both NOLA’s recovery & economic development is that the city is no longer a 24hr town - It is difficult to impossible to find healthy food choices late at night, which is unacceptable for a city who’s work force is largely reliant on the service industry full sized grocery store that is open after hours (Mardi Gras Zone, in Bywater). NOLA is also only place in northern hemisphere w/out a 24hr Walmart, which is unacceptable, especially for a city of this size.”

For these questions, I always defer to friends who were living here during at the time, and the answers are always mixed.

I think it has. But I am new here. I cannot tell there was a storm unless someone points things out. It should be celebration for the dead. A collective funeral for those who passed in the storm.

Hard for me to say since I wasn’t living here prior, but maybe businesses and residents should pick projects in their neighborhood for improvement on damages caused in Katrina.

Lower ninth ward stop the money making tour’s of damage.

better though. I don’t think there should be any commemoration for the 10th anniversary. Let’s forget the bitch.

New Orleans has gotten worst…the plan is to get rid of all the lower class people in the city .. That’s why the levees were broken..the people over the city are selfish ..we have a lot of issues to talk about like healthcare ..homelessness.. All people should come together and ask god for strength because if you weren’t affected by Katrina personally you have know idea ..”

Thanks for the warning about the second line I’ll be sure to warn everyone in the lower 9 so they can stay in their houses and hard them from the thieves who have been massively abusing the nint ward residents in recent months especially during events. 30 brazen burglaries, daytime, teens caught on camera still unidentified. Also roving streets checking car doors many many, thefts of car contents. Armed robberies on levy, many unreported, partly because of small amounts task n, but largely because of disgust , and feeling of uselessness of police dept. They tend to follow the levy and hide in the lovely underbrush along the holy cross school. Most neighbors are aware of who they are associated, which house. One of the kids used to live back here and still comes to visit his friend. They are very abusive, on a number of levels . Their behavior is dangerously escalating. During one second line last year someone’s new tire with lock bolts was stolen in broad daylight. It a good time for these horrible abusers come around and take what they want. They have been raised without any basic morals, or respect for our laws. The filth and trash that didn’t raise them right and let s their teens run wild should be held completely accountable 100% for all damages they cause!!!

Tune in this Thursday at 7:35 a.m. on 89.9 FM to hear more about how New Orleans commemorates the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. 

The Listening Post team discusses the project with Internews.