If God is willing and da rents don’t rise…


We asked Listening Posters where they’d most like to live in New Orleans, and what their housing realities are. Here’s how people responded.

Well New Orleans being a majority poor city with very few decent paying jobs, it’s getting harder and harder n this city, and I think tha city and state governments can care less, it’s tha same o same o here.”

My ultimate goal is a French quarter residence with a street side balcony,interior courtyard with a pool, and off street parking. : ) right now I enjoy living in mid-city, a pleasant environment with easy access to amenities. My rent for a 3 room raised double is 500 per month, which is ideal.

"I would live next to the bayou. My ideal rent would be 300-400 a month— but I don’t really know how to quantify what ‘affordable’ would be."

If I could live anywhere, it would be either the garden district or old Metairie. My ideal rent would probably be close to $800/month.

Bayou St John. Currently very affordable. Ideal total rent: $900.”

If money was not an issue I would love to live on at Charles Ave by Loyola. My house payment in Deatrehan is $600 a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,000 sq feet. About $600 a month. 

I’m living in Mid City, and I love it. I’m living in one half of double shotgun with 2 roommates, and it’s affordable 950 split 3 ways impossible to swing alone. Ideal rent would be 850 split with 1 roommate. 

Bayou at John, affordable but rising prices, ideal rent is $1000/mo for nice 2 br/1 ba apt

If money was not an issue I would love to live on at Charles Ave by Loyola. My house payment in Deatrehan is $600 a month for a 2 bedroom 2 bath 1,000 sq feet.

In my same location..affordable .. $800 mthly

Fountain Bleu Dr. Somewhere near Audubon.

"I would live in any area with walkability and on the parade route. I have my heart set on uptown but can’t afford it. At all. Second is mid-city within walking distance to the streetcar-preferably canal -Carrollton area. Third is Marigny/by water. Ideal rent - two bedroom at or under 900/mo.”

Would love to live in mid-city, but can’t afford it. The same 1200 that gets me 2 floors of a raised double in Broadmoor would get me probably 800 sqft in mid city

I own a home in Gentilly terrace and gardens. No places to walk to. No shops. And I am drowning in home insurance cost. It is as much as my house note. ($4,300/year).

Treme $600 

Kenner, because I own apartment. Ideal rent is 750-800

My husband and I live on UNO’s campus in the married student apartments. It’s a great deal! 740 including utilities for two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, one bathroom. Especially with the summer heat it’s great to have utilities included! 

Previously I lived in a beautiful and huge Uptown house, but with 4 roommates! We had to split the 2000 rent, but had 5 bedrooms, a huge kitchen and two bathrooms. We pretty much had to sweat all the time because with high ceilings and hot summers our power bill could become astronomical.”

Since Katrina , the rents are out of control. A shotgun half a double that l wouldn’t give u 400 for prior to Katrina , in a bad neighborhood, now runs 1200 dollars a month ! If it wasn’t for my friend renting me what l got , l wouldn’t have been able to come home!:( This is highway robbery! The police don’t help or come most times all they want to do is write bogus tickets for money , while the city council, raises taxes. For what they pay around here rent should only be between 5 & 700 per month for a half a double. And these politicians wanna keep their pensions huh,and take away the firemans and city workers, when they only in office a short time! Shame , nationwide, the fireman risk and give his life huh while they sit in office!!! Also all others, roofers, postal and all other hard working Americans who are decent and want to remain free honorable citizens. They are attempting to make us all slaves! We should all be screaming in the streets and in Washington at this injustice!!! 

Ideal and realistic rent for a one bedroom-single person? $500. To be more fair, $600

"My rent is terribly low in exchange for all the years of friendship and employment with my landlords. However would like to live in Bayou St John/Delgado area again.

I live in Mid City and can’t imagine living anywhere else in New Orleans. I have been wanting to move to another house or apartment, but can’t find a place as cheap as where I am now. Ideal rent is around $350, but that is becoming less realistic.

Bayou St. John would be my ideal neighborhood. I recently moved out of a run-down, tiny 1 bedroom in MidCity (near Carrollton and Bienville) that was $700/month. That seemed fair to me — but I know when I left, the rent went up by $100. I would absolutely not pay $800 to live in that apartment. It seems to be the reality now that to afford housing on an entry-level salary, living alone is no longer an option.

Bayou St. John. Decent but kinda pricey. 1k/month.

soon, a renovated double shotgun for $200,000 or less.

Uptown. No more than $600/mo

I’d live in the uptown neighborhood close to Audibon park or near city park

Mid-City near City Park. Not terribly affordable. 

Lower Garden. My housing now is pricier than I’d like and I live in the warehouse district. Ideally, less than $1900 for a 2 br is nice

Mid city. My housing is great! $601/mo mortgage for 3/2 2000sf on 3.5 acres. Ideal rent is <$1200.

I’d love to move back uptown off frerett, but the rent rates have doubled. we now live in BR while finishing grad school@ LSU, and it doesn’t look like we can afford to move home to NOLA.

Treme:$500. Owners are greedy. 

I would live in the lower garden district or the Irish channel. The channel has low(ish) rents than some other places, and is gorgeous. Also, there are more trees on the uptown side of the CBD, which is a huge plus. I was paying 300 for a mixed shotgun on the bywater, but for the channel, I’d pay 500-600

I would live on Ursuline, by bayou St. John. I pay $600 to share a 2br, ideally I would pay $800 for a 1br or shotgun (and live alone!)

Bayou St. John. Rent is “affordable” because I have a good-paying job— unlike many people in NOLA. Affordability is just as much about wages as it is rents. The job market doesn’t support the rents. And “affordable” here typically just means “low quality, aging housing in need of maintenance.” Someone has to pay for the improvements to the housing infrastructure— either the public sector or “gentrifiers”. Who’s it gonna be?

Lakeview 800

I own a house that is paid off.

"Magazine area"

I would live where I live now, but my current rent is too expensive. Ideally, my rent would be less than $1000

Mid city


Nowhere in new Orleans I would pay that much.Only in Metairie or Harahan.

Uptown. No more than $600/mo.

Housing is at a all time high with rent steady climbing up which I think is ridiculous

Uptown Central City I where I live now but if I was forced out I would like to live in Lakeview

I love living Uptown, and hate the idea of leaving the city, but my rent is burdensome… Gentrification has eviscerated the rental stock

Holy cross! It’s getting too expensive though. $500 is ideal

Marigny where I live now. Affordable bc I own and got my house before property prices started going up. Ideal rent-$400, which you can’t really find anymore.

Bayou St. John where I’m at!